Why are we created like this?

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It is a wonder when we think of the result of God’s creation! Why should we human beings develop into a perfect creature with working hands, heart, skin, mind etc. But sooner we get a doubt, when we think of Darwin’s theory, that we are not created directly, but by trial and error. We all know that our creation started, with our ancestors being apes and slowly developed into the present state. God could have directly created human beings perfectly, just like the present selves with good hands, mind and body. But he chose to start the creation, as to our present understanding, with single-cell organisms and slowly develop into more mature forms. Or, is this theory wrong? Are we created directly from the hands of god? Christianity says, human beings are created from Adam and Eve. Other religions have their own say, regarding creation;

Anyhow, however may be the creation, we are existing with a good body, mind and soul. That is the truth! Why should we develop a heart which pumps and circulates blood, so that we can remain normal? Why should we be beautiful with two ears, two eyes, nose, tongue, mouth etc. We could have been created with 5 noses,  11 ears, and 10 legs.. But HE chose to create or we developed into this way only? Why? There is no answer! Just we have to be awestruck with his genius creation or our development. Did god just create us and man himself slowly developed into the present being, or is it all the creation of the MASTERMIND? Not sure!

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Let us all hope, that the genius of god continues in the same way as it happened till now. I agree when one says, there are diseases, handicapped persons, etc which are also the same creation or development of god. That is a minute thing to think about, when we think of the huge number of healthy persons he created or developed. May be that’s also part of trial and error of God’s creation!  So just once in a while of your life, just think about God’s in-genuine creation and his creative abilities!

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